The Best Kayaks for Kids

We love the outdoors and one activity that our whole family enjoys is kayaking.  While I’ve not allowed the kiddos to kayak moving water yet, they had the chance to go out on Lake Lanier this past weekend.  Some friends at the campground had some adult and kid kayaks available.  We were very interested in trying them out as Jeannine and I had been debating for quite some time on what to do for the kids – kayaks, canoes, or paddle boats.  I’m glad to say that we found our answer.

15316706585_2c0bacce08_o 15316703655_01824636a9_oAs you can see from the pictures, LB and TB were able to paddle their own kayak – and they had a blast!

15129992890_d7c0867f80_o 15130114358_b9ec105d6d_o The kayaks were small enough for even them to manage as young as they are. Jeannine took them on a few trips up and down the lake shoreline.  I even accompanied them in an adult kayak, with Roscoe in my lap, on one trip.

The kayaks are made by Lifetime and they are Wave 6 Foot Youth Kayaks.  They come in different colors and cost around $125.  Click the links below to see more info.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak LimeLifetime You Wave Kayak YellowLifetime You Wave Kayak BlueLifetime You Wave Kayak Red

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